Lockdown the Sequel - How to Shop with us.

As of the announcements made on 4th of Jan 2020 we are aware a lot of shops are now forced to close and shoppers are told to only leave for essential trips.

Good news though!

We're an essential service working purely in the food supply chain and as such, you're more than welcome to shop with us just as you normally would.

This includes online and in store. There is no special booking requirement or allocated time slots, we're just straight up OPEN!

We do require the use of face masks for customers, excluding those exempt, and we politely ask that we keep visits to just one member per household at a time. We understand it's part of the experience browsing our shelves as a family, however with the small shops we operate we are limited in our capacity compared to big supermarkets and don't want to cause large queues.

Thanks everyone for your continued support through everything!

Better meat for a better year <3